Woodland Church Ironwood

Our Biblical Foundational Values

Foundational Values Capturing the Heart and Soul of a Converge Church

These foundational values are rooted in over 125 years of ministry in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. These values not only define who we are but articulate what we see as foundationally important as we work together shaping our mission.

Spiritually Dynamic

  • We are a movement that will always be focused on Biblical convictions and values. We are more than a social agency or non-profit entity. We are the people of God who have been called to represent Him to those that desperately need the truth of God’s Word.

Relationally Devoted

  • We care for one another and for those who do not know Jesus Christ. We value teamwork and partnership with churches and leaders serving Christ with a spirit of interdependence and accountability.

Missionally Driven

  • Our mission of reaching lost people for Jesus Christ extends to our immediate community here at homeĀ as well as around the world in missionary support.

Culturally Diverse

  • We are a racially and culturally diverse people group who desire to overcome our differences in order to rally around a common mission for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Generously Desireable

  • We desire to be generous people who seek to grow and develop generous hearts and lifestyles in order to advance the work of the church reaching those that do not know Jesus Christ locally, nearby, and around the world.